The World Through a Humanist’s Eyes


Because Humanism emphasizes the importance of human agency and critical thought, proponents of the outlook believe that humans must claim responsibility for ongoing global conflict, be it physical or political. Nothing is left to chance; everything that has happened—from political election results to the outcome of wars and battles—is the result of human action, not chance or the supernatural.

Though this is a difficult idea to process—that human action is the only reason for the horrible events happening in the world—it creates necessary accountability. Terrible people are elected to office all over the world because citizens hold similar beliefs. Wars happen because people believe in their causes.

However, New Humanim in the 20th century is not all doom and gloom. This applied accountability is meant to catalyze an increased sense of responsibility in people. All outcomes are possible through human engagement and action. If you don’t like or agree with something happening in the world, get out there and try to do something about it. Protest, organize meetings, and talk to others; change is only possible through action.

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